Lumi/Peka, The Ibar, Mitrovica

Lumi/Peka, is based on the communitee of Mitrovica, Kosovo, and their relationship to the River Ibar - the de facto border dividing the Serbian and Kosovan Albanian communitees - running through the centre of this town. Due to the Kosovo War there was a high level of tension between these communities either side of the river. Kosovo was in the process of becoming an independent state at the time that these photographs were taken. I was concerned with the political implications that were evident from the communities' relationship to their environment. Whilst simultaneously captivated by the sense of optimism, seeing these communitees enjoy sharing this natural resource harmoniously. I focused on the small stretch of river most popular with locals. Here, the water is shallower and calmer for bathing and the foot bridge is used by civilians, who prefer to avoid the tarmac bridge that is subject to 'bridge watchers' and military guard.