Defective Carrots

Food is one of our basic needs. Nevertheless the consumer hardly realises the complex process from harvest to shopping mall, and are increasing their demands for higher quality and lower prices. It goes without saying that they can fully rely on the food processors to deliver the wanted quality. The optical sorters of Concept Engineers are literally the watchful eye to ensure the constant high food quality demanded.

The ongoing demand for lower consumer prices, forces processors to focus on scale and volume. New inventions are needed daily, to make the impossible possible, the highest quality at the lowest price. To meet this demand for higher volumes and higher quality Concept Engineers launches the Focus®

The Focus® is an optical sorter especially developed to sort products with various optical deficiencies. At the product flow discoloration, deformation and foreign objects are detected and removed accurately. The Focus can be used for fresh/dried or frozen potato product, vegetables, fruit as well as seafood.

Use of the Focus will lead to quality improvement of your final product, but also to lower and more predictable production costs.

Supported by innovative detection and analyzing techniques, the Focus identifies your product at the highspeed belt. Your products will be identified, classified, and if needed be removed.


The modular construction of the Focus makes it possible to choose the perfect harmony of cameras, lighting and other techniques for your application in order to achieve the best sorting result. As ICT gets more and more important, the machines of Concept Engineers can be fully integrated in your network. The innovative optical sorting solutions of Concept Engineers increase your market position and competiveness, since the most efficient producer will be leader. Concept Engineers, gladly your partner in quality optimization.

- Press release for Focus®